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Our Programs
  • iPlay (12 – 24 months old)

    The iPlay program uses young children's natural curiosity to inspire play, investigation, and interaction to stimulate learning in a school-like environment.

  • iReady (2 – 3 years old)

    The iReady program prepares and lays the foundation for children’s smooth transition to the Kindergarten program and for success throughout their school years.

  • Interactive Math (Kindergarten) (Primary) (Secondary)

    iMath provides small group support for children to learn mathematics with the use of interactive technologies and developmentally appropriate materials.

  • Interactive English (Kindergarten) (Primary) (Secondary)

    iEnglish is a program designed to help your child strengthen oral, reading and writing English skills. Classes are taught by qualified Native English Teachers.

  • Cambridge Young Learner’s English

    m.i.l.k offers classes to prepare children for the Cambridge Young Learner's English proficiency tests. These lessons are specially designed around familiar and interesting topics that make it easier for children to learn and practice listening, reading, writing, and speaking in English.

  • iFun

    iFun is offered on a weekly basis to encourage and explore various interests and foster talents

  • Interactive Love

    Interactive love’s purpose is to promote kindness and love and provide the opportunity to contribute to our society.

Join us in understanding your children, believing in their strengths and accepting their uniqueness by giving them an opportunity to grow at m.i.l.k., the one of a kind, Interactive Learning Kingdom!
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