2019 Summer Camp 環遊世界夏令營

m.i.l.k. Travelling Around the World Summer Camp 環遊世界夏令營 2019

Summer Camp 2019

To enroll, please fill our the online application here (for 3 years old and above).

2019 Summer Camp – Travelling Around the World
What have you got planned for your children during the Summer holiday? Starting from July 8th, 2019 to August 30th, 2019, m.i.l.k. (Causeway Bay) has prepared a fun-filling Summer Camp – “Travelling Around the World”, which includes Cooking, Science Experiments, Group Arts and many more. Students may choose to attend a half-day or a full-day camp. Additionally, m.i.l.k. will offer an extended 1 hour of iDrama from 4:00pm to 5:00pm at a discounted price.
If you want to know more about the camps at m.i.l.k., please feel free to contact us at 9766 5615.

網上報名,請前往 Travelling Around the World Summer Camp 暑期課程 2019

由2019年7月8日開始至8月30日,m.i.l.k.(銅鑼灣)校舍準備了環遊世界夏令營給2至6嵗的小朋友參加,內容包容:小食製作、科學實驗及團體勞作等。家長可選擇合適的上課時段,上午班、下午班或全日班。另外, m.i.l.k.將每天安排一小時的英語話劇課程(下午4時至5時)給幼兒參加。
如有問題,可直接致電 9766 5615 查詢。