Our Mission

Our Mission

m.i.l.k. was established to inspire lifelong learning in children by celebrating their individuality and talents and providing a safe, stimulating and English immersive interactive learning environment.


Why m.i.l.k.?

Interactive learning and play are the key methods of instruction at m.i.l.k.  Interactive learning and play are vehicles for learning and lie at the core of innovation and creativity.  It provides opportunities for learning in a context in which children are at their most receptive.

m.i.l.k. is also an all immersive English environment.  All classes are conducted in English so that children are practicing the English language while acquiring skills in all developmental areas.

Learning Comes Through Interaction, “You can teach a student a lesson for a day; but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives” – Clay P. Bedford