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Interactive English (Kindergarten) (Primary) (Secondary)


To be a successful and fluent English reader, children first need to learn the basic building blocks to reading: Phonics. The iPhonics program at m.i.l.k is taught by a qualified Native English Teacher and helps children to become successful readers by first teaching phonemic awareness, initial letter sounds, and blending specific sounds together in order to ‘sound out’ or read the word.  The stronger a child’s phonemic awareness is, that is their knowledge of individual letter sounds, the stronger their reading will become as they start primary school.  Build a strong reading foundation in your child by enrolling in our iPhonics program today!


Sophisticated writers do not only have neat printing and perfect grammar and spelling, but they also have cognitive skills to analyze their thoughts and record them in a step-by-step logical way.  This higher order thinking, as well as correct conventions of writing, is achieved with practice.  This is why the creative writing program at m.i.l.k will help your child succeed in writing.  Not only do we practice the conventions of spelling and grammar in our writing, we also encourage creative thinking and how to map our creativity into sentences.  Imagination is the key, and at m.i.l.k., there is no limit!


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