Our Team
  • Registered Early Childhood Educator
  • Masters of Education specializing in Early Childhood Education
  • Bachelor of Science, specializing in Mathematics
  • Bachelor of Science in Developmental Psychology
  • Master of Arts in Child Study and Education
  • Bachelor of Education, specializing in Early Childhood Education
  • Bachelor of Elementary Education
  • Bachelor of Arts, Translation and Interpretation
  • Bachelor of Arts, specializing in Drama and Business studies

Supervisor/Coordinator: Ms. Kitty Ng (Founder of m.i.l.k.)

B.A., M.Ed., R.ECE

Ms. Ng was raised in Toronto and graduated with a Degree in Bachelor of Arts, specializing in Education at Ryerson University (Ontario, Canada) and is a certified RECE – Registered Early Childhood Educator (Ontario, Canada).  She has also completed her Masters of Education specializing in Early Childhood Education at The University of Hong Kong.  Ms. Ng’s experiences in a variety of positions include teaching at schools and childcare centres in both Canada and Hong Kong.  Her passion for teaching, her commitment to moulding the minds of young learners, and her devotion to putting children first are the basis and the heartbeat at m.i.l.k.

Director: Mr. Andy Tiu (Founder of m.i.l.k.)

Hon. B.Sc

Mr. Andy Tiu was raised in Toronto and graduated with an Honours Degree in Bachelor of Science, specializing in Mathematics at the University of Toronto and with a Master Degree in Education at the University of Hong Kong.  He has educated children in both Canada and Hong Kong.  He has an extensive knowledge base of strategies and teaching methods that have successfully improved students’ achievements and enhanced students’ interest to learn.  With a deep understanding about curriculum and widespread experiences using a variety of strategies, Mr. Tiu is looking forward to sharing his interest and passion with students and their families at m.i.l.k.


Assistant Manager: Ms. Gladys Lam

My Name is Gladys Lam. I was born in Hong Kong and raised in Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia. I graduated from Education University of Hong Kong with Master of Education specializing in Early Childhood of Education. Over the years, I have worked with children ranging from 12 months to 7 years. I am very passionate and committed to working with children. It is a real joy and very rewarding to watch their growth and development on a daily basis.


Native English Teacher: Ms. Anna

My name is Anna.  I have a degree in English Philosophy and Translation.  I’m fond of teaching English and try to present it to children in an interesting and creative manner.  I have experience working as a tutor in Ukraine at the “American English Center” where I taught English grammar, phonetics, lexicology, linguistics and etc.  I constantly use various supplementary literature, as well as interactive games and flash cards in my lessons, in order to achieve the best results.  I’m always very delighted when kids develop and make essential progress during the classes.  Besides, I also worked in the US and China experiencing different cultures and traditions.  When I am not teaching or planning awesome things for school to do, I enjoy reading books on psychology of relationship, knitting, shopping and spending time with my dear family and friends.


Native English Teacher: Ms. Caitlin

Born and raised in South Africa, i am learning the ways of the Asian culture. having lived in Hong Kong before, this vibrant city doesn’t let you leave! I have a a Bachelors degree in communication and am a qualified Montessori kindergarten teacher. Realising my passion for teaching, hardly makes teaching a job for me, it’s just what I love to do. The fact that i get spend my days with such wonderful little kiddies, makes educating them and shaping their minds for the future so much more enjoyable. I am so excited to be a part of this wonderful team, and I look forward to helping parents grow their children’s minds.


Bilingual Teacher: Ms. Tracy Kwan

My name is Kit-Ying Kwan, Tracy.  I have graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Elementary Education, Specializing in Diversity in Language and Learning in the United States.  I love working and interacting with children and feel passionate about meeting and teaching them something new every day.  I have experiences in teaching from Pre-Kindergarten to Primary 4 levels in multicultural settings.  My passion is to become a successful educational leader.  I will utilize my utmost dedication for children’s development and their educational needs.


Native English Teacher: Ms. Lydia

I am a Kiwi who has been living and teaching in Hong Kong for about a year now. I love the fast-paced nature of this city and the mixture of cultures that live here. I have always enjoyed working with children and love watching their minds develop – as I mostly teach playgroup I am particularly interested in the first stages of a child’s development. In the past, I taught English in a kindergarten in Prague, so I got to explore Eastern Europe while also doing what I love. I am an English Literature graduate and love studying the nuances of the English language. It is great to be able to help path these language pathways in a child’s mind. I look forward to helping your children develop their minds and discover their potential!


Education Advisor: Mrs. Ng So Han

Principal of Hong Kong Man Sang International Nursery and Kindergarten

Hon. B.A., M.Ed., DipEd

Mrs. Ng is currently the principal of Hong Kong Mansang Kindergarten and International Nursery with 40 years of experience in the field of education.  Mrs. Ng graduated with a Diploma in Education from Seneca College, Canada, and moved on to complete her Honours Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education and her Master of Education at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.  It was always a childhood dream of Mrs. Ng’s to work with young children and to educate them, transforming ‘blank slates’ into thoughtful, responsible and well-educated individuals.  Now, as a principal of HKMSKG and education advisor of m.i.l.k., her dream has come true, touching the lives of many young children.

Curriculum Consultant: Ms. F. Szymkowicz

Hon. B.Sc., M.A., R.ECE, OCT

Ms. Szymkowicz graduated from the University of Toronto with an Honours Degree in Bachelor of Science in Developmental Psychology and later completed her Master of Arts in Child Study and Education.  In addition, she is a certified teacher and a RECE – Registered Early Childhood Educator in Ontario, Canada.  Mrs. Szymkowicz has profound theoretical knowledge in education and teaching, especially in the early years and she works in partnership with m.i.l.k in educational and curriculum planning.


Our team at m.i.l.k will not be complete without you, the parents, as a part of it.  Parents are their children’s first and most powerful teachers and role models.  They offer learning opportunities that are based on deep knowledge they have of their children.  Hence, at m.i.l.k, parents are an integral part of our team.  Knowing your child as well as you do, parents are able to provide important information that makes the team better able to meet the child’s individual learning needs.